BAE Systems dedicates new $20 million facility

NGC won USAF contract to provide LITENING SE ATP

LM completes initial design for next generation LRR

US Marine Corps awards Raytheon $49.8 million

Rotary potentiometers provided by Penny & Giles

Sikorsky commits to build X2 technology prototypes

US announces massive arms sale to Saudi Arabia

Gripen fire Meteor for Swedish Integration Programme

Army testing diesel-electric truck

DRS completes DDG 51 hybrid electric drive motor

FIS solution called Ascend released by Rockwell Collins

GD awarded $17m contract by Boeing


BAE systems HS Grigoropoulos is the latest vessel in a class of seven 62 metre Fast Attack Craft being built by BAE Systems’ industry partner, Elefsis Shipyards, for the Hellenic Navy. Under a long-term technology transfer programme, BAE Systems is the design authority and major subcontractor to Elefsis Shipyards, responsible for the design and combat systems integration of the vessels. The company also provides on-site engineering support to Elefsis Shipyards and has invested in state of the art manufacturing facilities at its shipyard to boost industrial capability in Greece.

Alan Johnston, Managing Director at BAE Systems’ Surface Ships division, said: “This is a significant achievement in the programme, which reflects the hard work, commitment and fantastic partnership between BAE Systems and Elefsis Shipyards to deliver these highly capable ships to the Hellenic Navy.




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